You Are Both the Doer and the Non-Doer

Posted on: Tuesday, May 17, 2016 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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There are two things in you, one is that there is something inside you which is changing. Do you know that? Your thoughts are changing, your emotions are changing, your body is changing, isn’t it. And there is something inside you which is not changing, do you know that? Or else how do you even know that you are changing and that everything is changing. So you are a combination of both, the change and non-change, you are a combination of the tangible and intangible. Body is very tangible, your thoughts, your mind, your emotions are intangible. You are a combination of both - the form and the formless. Life is a complex phenomenon of form and the formless, manifest and un-manifest. So similarly, you are both the doer and the non-doer. When you are in activity you are a doer, when you are retiring or when you are getting into meditation, you are a non-doer; you are both!

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