Settling the Mind

Posted on: Monday, May 23, 2016 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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There is a story of Lord Buddha.

Buddha was walking with his devotees and disciples. He wanted some water and there was a pond, but just then a buffalo entered the pond and got out of the pond and stirred the whole thing, and so the clean water became muddy water. So Buddha wanted some water from the pond, but his devotees said it has become dirty; we will find some other pond further. Buddha smiled at them and kept walking.

There was no other pond further, then Buddha said, ‘Go back and get the water from the same pond’. The devotees said, ‘No, it’s dirty’. Buddha said, 'Now you go check’.

When they went back, the water had settled and they could take the water. When the water was taken in a cup, it settled down even further and clear water was on the top.
Buddha then said, ‘Mind is like this. If the mind is in a mess, wait for a while, it will settle’.

Leave the mind for a little time and it will settle. It cannot be disturbed forever. All these disturbances are momentary. Just how it has come, it will go.
Every disturbance is momentary. So nothing to be done, just give it a little time, wait, and it will settle.
That’s the same with everything in life, sometimes you have to learn to be with it and allow it to settle. If you are in a hurry for the water in the pond to settle, it won’t settle, it will get dirtier.

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