Surrender vs Control

Posted on: Saturday, April 30, 2016 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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Forget about surrender! Just know that there is one power which is in control of everything. Seasons are not in your control; the earth moving around the sun and all the planets moving in their orbits are not in your control. Every element on this planet has its own laws within which it functions, all of which are not in your control.

There is a natural law, a power that is in total control of everything, which gives you some control to do certain things. It is like the pilot of the plane is controlling the plane, but inside the plane you can get up, use the washroom, sit or stand. There is little freedom for you too. Similarly, we have our responsibilities; we perform them to our optimum. We take responsibilities; do what we need to do knowing well that the plane is being steered by a good pilot.

Surrender is not an act. Actually the word surrender has lost all its meaning. Just be aware that there is a bigger mind, a bigger self, a bigger intelligence which is at work.

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