Shrug the Past Off

Posted on: Sunday, April 3, 2016 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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Wake up and see, all the situations that happened from the morning till now, is it there now? Is it not like a dream? You went to school, you had so many fights, is it there now? It’s all gone! Everything is gone, why are you hanging on to them? Leave it, shrug it off. Even a dog shrugs off the water that is poured on it. It is cleverer than you are! If sand or mud gets on the dog, it gets up and shrugs it off. We should also shrug things off and move forward.

This is all a dream. Even this moment can be dream. After 10-20 years, after you are gone, it is all a dream then. Wake up and see there is more to life. This world is bigger than what you can see. There are more worlds. If you want to see these other worlds, you have to shrug things off.

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