Female Dominance (Part 4)

Posted on: Friday, April 22, 2016 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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Female Dominance (Part 3)......

Another aspect of leadership is the ability to listen; it is a natural gift for women to be good listeners, and to see things from another’s perspective. I am not saying that everyone has these tendencies or qualities, but women have far more potential as compared to men. Thus, emotional nurturing and intellectual exaltation, both, are possible when the right training and guidance are made available at the right age.

If opportunities are available, women can be very good entrepreneurs. Here again, I would say, don’t sit and wait for someone to give you the opportunity. You take the first step, and look for entrepreneurship.

Thus, be prepared to dominate at home, at your workplace, in politics, and take a dominating position in religious and spiritual fields. These are the four different pillars of society; if any one pillar is not strong enough, then society cannot be a happy.

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