Female Dominance (Part 2)

Posted on: Wednesday, April 20, 2016 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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Female Dominance (Part 1)......

Women should also dominate in the economic field. There are very few women taking lead in the economy. Of course, there are many here on stage and in the audience. Ivan is one such lady who is an entrepreneur, and there are many other here, who I am glad are setting an example.

When women dominate the religious and spiritual fields, perhaps, there will be less conflicts, violence and terrorism in the world.

One more thing that women have to note is the need for intellectual dominance, in the field of science, architecture and literature. Women have to come forward in these areas. Though there are pockets of excellence here and there, generally, women are emotional and,more into arts; not so much in the literary field, which I think should be promoted in a big manner.

So women should dominate in all these five areas, and don’t ask men or anyone else to empower you. You should simply assume and walk with it, do what is needed!

To be continued......

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