Doubt and Faith (Part 1)

Posted on: Tuesday, March 1, 2016 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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How many of you have thought about doubt? (Many in the audience raise hands). How many of you have not thought about doubt? (Few in the audience raise hands). Doubt is always about something that is positive. Have you observed this? If someone tells you, "He’s a very bad person", you agree and take it for granted. There is no doubt about it. But if someone says, "He is a good person", you say, "That’s what you think. Let’s see".

We doubt the honesty of a person, but we never doubt the dishonesty of a person. Similarly, we doubt our own happiness. If someone asks you, "Are you happy?" You say, "Well, I am not sure". But we never ever doubt our depression. Have you ever said, "I am not sure If I am depressed". No! We are very sure about our depression and about our anger, but we are not sure about our love.

We ask people, "Do you really love me?" But we never ask someone, "Are you really angry with me?"

To be continued......

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