An Astonishing Secret

Posted on: Saturday, March 26, 2016 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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We call something astonishing or wonderful which is not ordinary. But if the same event happens every day, then we do not call it a wonder because we do not find anything really astonishing about it. When you suddenly see something different to what you usually see, then you say ‘Oh! This is surprising! This is a wonder’. So a secret is also like that. It is out of the ordinary. A mango tree will only bear mangoes as fruits. This is no secret. A coconut tree only bears coconuts. Is there anything secret about that? But if one day you see a mango growing from a coconut tree, then it is a wonder. You would say, ‘This is a miracle! It is such an astonishing thing to happen. It is extraordinary. If you observe carefully, many astonishing events are happening all the time and everywhere in this creation, and throughout Nature. But you need a special kind of vision to be able to see these astonishing events.We have to change the way we see things (meaning to shift towards a broad vision). That is called Yoga. It is said, when you see this creation from the perspective of Yoga, you find everything so wondrous; so astonishing. And even more astonishing than this is how everything in this creation is a manifestation of that which cannot be seen; a manifestation of the unmanifest consciousness! Everything in this creation has come out of empty space.

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