Improving Family Ties

Posted on: Monday, February 15, 2016 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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To improve family ties, don’t try to improve it. Don’t try to get over the misunderstanding. If there is a misunderstanding, just overlook that. Educate and ignore. Move forward. Don’t do postmortem, i.e., sit and dig, ‘Why did you say that?’, ‘You don’t love me’, all this garbage is such a waste of time. We dwell into so much emotional garbage. We should throw them all out and have bubbling enthusiasm. You should move with enthusiasm.
If someone lacks enthusiasm, push them into enthusiasm, and do not go on complaining or asking for explanation from people. To improve family relations you need two things - No Explanations and No Complaints. That’s it. Got it?
Asking explanation from others is a foolish thing. And explaining to others thinking they would understand is another foolish thing. It doesn’t work both ways.
The best is to just move forward.

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