Importance of Seva (Service)

Posted on: Wednesday, February 3, 2016 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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Any seva is good, you don’t have to feel guilty. If you cannot financially do seva, or physically do seva, even just sending your blessings is good enough. Just through thought waves also you can send good vibrations. That also is seva.

I have had many people coming and telling me, "I am so old and so weak, I can’t do seva". Their hearts are yearning to do seva, but physically they cannot do. I tell them, "Don’t worry, just sit and pray. Bless and send the vibrations of positivity. That is also seva". Now the youngsters sitting here, don’t take this as an excuse not to do save, and say, "Gurudev has said that I can just sit and bless everyone". That is only when you cannot do seva physically.

It is not what you give that is important, it is the feeling with which you give that is important. That itself is seva. You want to keep contributing. The feeling that I want to contribute is itself very precious, so let it be there. Don’t let it dry out. That is the juice in life to want to be part of something big.

Now, with this, you also need the wisdom of where to give, whom to give and what to give. So you have to see who is deserving (patra) and who is undeserving (apatra) when you give charity. You need to see whether they are really qualified to receive what you want to give them.

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