Impact of Meditation

Posted on: Monday, February 29, 2016 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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The true nature of our soul is obscured by three things:
  1. Desire: It could be any desire. 'I don't want to have any desire', is also a desire.
  2. Intellect: Which means the judging, discriminating, knowing faculty in us.
  3. Ego: Ego is 'I am somebody'.
These three things obscure the self, and meditation is where you just freeze these three things for a few moments – freezing the intellect, the ego and the desires. It is just for some time, so don't be afraid or scared. Later on you can have any number of desires.
Not that all desires are bad, some desires are good, some desires are okay and some other ones are really bad. So all types are there, but if you learn to freeze them, then stillness dawns and that is Samadhi.

Children have all the three things, yet they freeze them very easily. That's why when you ask children, "What do you want", they will say, "Nothing". Have you noticed this? They don't judge anything. In children, the ego is not prominent enough, the intellect is not mature enough and their desires are not strong enough to obscure the self.

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