Impact of Desires (Part 2)

Posted on: Saturday, February 13, 2016 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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Continuation from Impact of Desires (Part 1)......

What happens when you go deep into meditation? The mind becomes cool and calm. It becomes still and all its restlessness drops. So, when we get into a state of being a witness, then the mind becomes so calm and clear. This sense of calmness in turn solidifies the state of being a witness. Both go hand in hand. Scientists say that for greater orderliness to prevail, the entropy of a system should be as low as possible. They say that at zero entropy there is total orderliness.

Desire increases the heat or restlessness in the body. For example, there can be no heat without any anger. You also cannot have any anger if you do not feel increased heat. On the other hand, if the body temperature becomes too cold, then it means that the person has passed away. So restlessness increases with any distortion. And when there is restlessness and heat, then it becomes an obstacle to our naturalness. Scientists call this phenomenon as entropy. When the entropy is less, then there is a greater degree of organized function.

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