How to Express Love

Posted on: Thursday, February 4, 2016 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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Love is your very nature, my dear. Your persona always radiates and exudes love. A candle or a lamp does not make any efforts to spread its light on to others. It remains where it is and radiates that light. Do you see what I am saying?

When others get disturbed by your love, then it means that you are over-expressing your love to them. You should reflect on this and hide your love a little sometimes.

It is very difficult to express love completely. So you should only express that much love which the other person can receive and appreciate. Do not go over-board in expressing your love, otherwise the person will feel suffocated.

If you go on repeating to someone “I love you so much”, then they will end up saying, “Ok, so now what?” Then they will think to themselves, “O Lord, what am I to do with him now?” Everyone has a different capacity to give and to receive love. A wise person has a much greater capacity to give and receive love from everyone. But you should not think everyone has the same capacity. A normal person may have a lesser capacity to share and receive love. Their capability is limited. So when you shower too much love on someone with a limited capacity to receive that love, then naturally they will get troubled by it. Then the same love becomes such a burden. The other person will feel like running away. So hide your love and express it wherever needed. Do not go over-board in expressing it.

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