Connection Between Sexuality and Spirituality

Posted on: Tuesday, February 16, 2016 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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Sex is the origin from where everything is born. In the Orient, it is honored as divine. Sexuality is in the second chakra, and then you move upward to the other chakras. So it is just part of the process.
Spirituality does not disown anything or disassociate with anything. Spirituality encompasses all aspects of life. In fact, spirituality uplifts one from sex to higher consciousness.

Sex is being attracted to a part of the body and getting some stimulation from it. The goal of sex is to find joy, and not sex itself. It is to get into the moment, forget about everything and find joy, and spirituality provides that joy, which is not gotten through some act, but beyond the senses.

In the Bhagavad Gita, there is a saying, “Buddhi grahyam atindriyam”, it is the joy that can be grasped by the intellect, but is acquired from beyond the senses, and that is the bliss of the self. For example, when you meet a dear one after a long time, or even when you think of them, something happens inside you. You feel a deep sense of love. It is not associated with touch or smell, or any of the physical attributes; the senses are not involved. The thought or a feeling rekindles something very deep inside and you feel very happy and joyful. Nothing else and no other sensory pleasure can give you this joy. It is said that one moment of Samadhi (a state of deep meditation) is a 1000 times more joyful than the joy you might get from sex. It is so much more!

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