Spiritual Education to Childen

Posted on: Friday, December 18, 2015 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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Every child in the planet should be educated a little bit on all the diverse cultures and religions of the world, and are made to understand that the world is one global family - you should respect, honor and love all human beings. If this education is given, will anybody take a gun and shoot another? Impossible! When you are educated in the principle of non-violence, you can’t kill people! Horrible crimes happen because this education is lacking.

If you tell growing-up children that cruelty to animals is bad, and they grow up with this concept that ‘cruelty to animals is bad’, they wouldn’t want to hurt animals!

I see serious flaw in our education system. We have not given spiritual education to our children. We have not made them realize that the whole world is one family. We have not given them the vision or a mission in their life that unites people. So they take up missions and visions which divide, or which they perceive as God’s wish, that is sheer nonsense!

Multi-cultural and multi-religious education, education in non-violence, and education in spiritual values is essential in the world. If this education is given, we can avoid many future disasters.

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