How to Manage Resistance from Loved Ones

Posted on: Saturday, December 19, 2015 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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Consider it as your tapasya (penance). Use all your skills. Tough situations bring out the skills from within you. If things are smooth, there is no use of your skill. You won’t even know whether you have skills or not. The tougher the situation, the more it will make you think of the ways of your communication. How to communicate to the other person? What to do in which situation? All this can bring out a lot of frustration in you. And this is the challenge that you have to take.

You have many ways to deal with this challenge. Use your intellect. Use all your skills of communication. And finally there is something called prayer; wherein there is an intense desire prayer for another to get transformed. And they do get transformed. Hasn’t this happened to many people here already? (Many in the audience raise their hands)

Take the situation as a test for your intelligence, your communication skills, and the power of your prayer or your sankalpa (intention).

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