Fear of Other People's Opinion?

Posted on: Sunday, December 27, 2015 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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Don't give too much importance to what others think, what others say because it has no basis. They just vanish in no time like bubbles in the air.

Why do we give so much importance to what people think? People who you think are great friends, how much time will it take for them to turn against you? Hasn't it happened? You have done so much for people and they have turned against you. How many of you have this experience? For no reason, they became your enemy. You wonder one fine day what happened to this guy, what happened to this lady? You can't find logic. You search for a reason why they have gone against you, and you can't find one.

Similarly, someone who you did not know come to your help. Hasn't this happened? All this happens on its own law. If your time is good, even enemies behave like friends, and if your time is not good, it can happen the other way around. So remember you are like the spider. You weave your world around yourself. When you move with this conviction, everything falls in place.

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