Aggression Is a Sign of Weakness

Posted on: Tuesday, December 8, 2015 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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You know, strength does not mean aggressiveness. Today, aggression is being misunderstood as a sign of strength, but it is not so. You can see that school children and college boys and girls feel that if they are aggressive, then they are leaders, and they are strong. No! I consider aggression as a sign of weakness. Anger is a sign of weakness.

You know, whatever is in your capacity, you do not get angry about it. What you cannot do, or when you find something difficult to do, only then you get angry, right? So, anger and aggression are not signs of heroism, they are signs of weakness.

This is what they mostly show in the movies — anger and aggression, and children get bombarded with these impressions and they think this is the way of life. We must change this, don’t you think so? Instead, friendliness and happiness should be signs of strength.

I would say, every child and every youth should make one new friend every day. Life is so short. There is not enough time to spread happiness, love and harmony. Why do we waste this time with aggression, anger and fight?

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