How to Get Over Bulimia?

Posted on: Sunday, November 22, 2015 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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Take a long time to eat your food. When eating, feel the food, sense it, chew it 32 times and you will find satisfaction. So if you are given a bunch of grapes, keep each grape in your mouth and eat it with full awareness.

Bulimic people tend to gulp things. They don’t taste it, chew it. So chew and chew and chew and taste the food well and then you will feel the satisfaction. In fact, you will feel tired and then there is no bulimia.
Pranayama and meditation will definitely help you get over bulimia. Or if you fall in love with somebody then also bulimia disappears. When there is love, then food is not a big issue. It is not a compelling thing. That is why when there is longing, people eat a lot of food as a way to fill the emptiness. So if you have a lot of love or if you have a purpose in life, bulimia will disappear.

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