Never Label the World

Posted on: Tuesday, September 22, 2015 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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In the world there are all kinds of people. Don’t blame or label the whole world as selfish. That is not fair.

You know, there are good people on the planet. In fact, in big numbers. The cheats are only a small number.

Suppose if you are also branded as one of those unkind, ruthless, and selfish persons, would you like to accept that label?

Ask yourself; ask your heart, your mind. No! You find that you are very good, you are very kind, but everybody else is bad? That is not correct. Got it?

In this world, there are good people and there are people who do not express goodness. That is all. But even they are good. There is no bad creature on this planet. Everyone, intrinsically is good.

If you go talk to the worst criminals in the prison, you will see in their eyes that they are also good human beings. Somewhere they erred, somewhere they made a mistake. Even the worst terrorist, if you go and meet them, you will see, inside of them, a good human being is hiding.

If you see through my eyes, there are no bad people on the planet. There are people who express goodness and there are people whose goodness is covered, and is not being expressed. That is all. You can help them uncover their goodness. You can help them express their goodness. That is how you should see the world.

Never label the world as bad people. Then your attitude towards the world will also be very bad.

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