Knowledge, Awareness and Love (Part 2)

Posted on: Sunday, July 12, 2015 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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Continuation from Knowledge, Awareness and Love (Part 1)......

If you have digested the knowledge of 'who you are and what this universe is all about', then it is impossible to not be a loving person. You will find that the greatest scientists are great lovers too. Recently, they have released one of the letters of Albert Einstein to his daughter. How many of you have seen that letter? They were not supposed to release it for 50 or so years. Now they have released it. And he said that love is the greatest power on this planet.
Knowledge about the universe makes you fall in love, or I would rather say, rise in love with the creative force or power of the universe.

Similar is the case if you have practiced awareness. This is the Buddhist way. The Buddhist way is not knowledge, it is awareness. Just empty yourself. Become empty and not stuffed with information. Be alert and aware. Practice total awareness. It is called Zen. Zen is nothing but a distorted form of dhyan (meditation). When dhyan traveled further east it became Zen. They are not two different things, they are the same. By the time it traveled in those days on horse-backs or on foot, it underwent some changes in pronunciation.

(Sri Sri directs some people to shift so that some more people could be accommodated.) This is what life is all about: keep shifting your position. Don’t be stuck somewhere. Make room and space for others. It is all about creating space. Create space for events, people and things to happen as they unfold because every event and every person you come across in your life, is contributing to your life in some unimaginable way.

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