Bringing People Together

Posted on: Tuesday, July 14, 2015 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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There is so much anger, frustration and mistrust. Don’t you think so? It is because of the mistrust in the hearts and minds of people, that there are so many conflicts, so much heart burn, and so many problems in the world. So we should do our best to bring people together.

When I was in Iraq, the Prime Minister said, "Gurudev, there are big powers in the world, but they cannot bring the minds and hearts of the people together. Big countries cannot bring the minds and hearts of the people together. It is only humanitarians—the human voice—that can do that. It is the human touch, the spiritual touch that can do it". I said, "I totally agree".

We had people from all different communities together. The Kurdish parliament has organized a peace conference. People asked me, "You are going to Iraq? It is so dangerous!"
I said, "I know, that is why I want to go."

So we were driving, and just a few meters from us there was a big bomb blast that happened. We were going to see the Governor there. Just five minutes away from his residence, a car exploded – a suicide bombing happened. But we continued with our conference there.

In the conference, everybody came. All different groups – the Kurds, the Shi'ias, the Sunnis, and then the Yazidis, and the other local tribal people – everybody came together and participated. The whole atmosphere was different, the whole energy was different, and the Prime Minister said, "This is what we need in this country: spirituality which can build the bridges, which can bring people together."

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