Looking for Perfection?

Posted on: Wednesday, April 1, 2015 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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In society, in day to day events, there are so many chances to get frustrated, and when such things happen, there is nothing you can do. Something or the other keeps coming up to get frustrated about. Do you see what I am saying?

You want perfection and perfection is not available, and so you get frustrated. You want someone to do things on time and if they don't do it, then you get frustrated. You want things to be done in the way you want, and if it does not happen, you get frustrated; isn't this the case?

Just turn back and look into your own life; how many incidents have occurred in your life where you were frustrated? Can you even count them? How many of you feel that you cannot even count them? (Many in the audience raise their hands)
Sometimes you feel that it is not even in your hands, or it is not even in your capacity. This is the case from the small things to the big things.

We have some very talented people but they have some minus points. Now if you look at the minus points then the talents are gone. So, you don't see a very perfect person but your intention is to see everyone as perfect. When you are looking for perfection everywhere around, I tell you, you forget to see the imperfection inside of you. You want everything to be perfect, but are you perfect? You have to look for that.

When you are perfect, you will stop pointing out imperfections and you will stop getting frustrated about the imperfections of others, and instead contribute to their growth; to them becoming perfect.

This is our dilemma, we want others to be perfect; we want organizations to be perfect, nations to be perfect, people to be perfect, and in this pursuit we forget to see our own imperfections, and how we can improve on them.

When we start looking within, a whole new dimension opens in front of us. It is then that we are able to educate people without getting frustrated. And this is when we can become a good teacher, and a good leader.

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