When Love Becomes Eternal

Posted on: Friday, March 13, 2015 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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It is very difficult to express one’s feelings; feelings are inexpressible. At the same time you cannot hide them. On one level it can never be hidden and on another level you can never fully express your feelings. Mankind has been making efforts from time immemorial to express the inexpressible. All our gestures and actions are only to express our feelings, yet it remains unexpressed and that is the beauty of it, that is how love continues, and this is when love becomes eternal.

If love is totally expressed, it is finished, nothing remains of it. But it doesn’t happen that way, when you express there is still something which remains unexpressed and you feel it is not enough. It is only when you break up you say, ‘Enough is enough!’ When the pond of love dries up you say, ‘Enough is enough, no more'. But in love, you cannot feel it is enough, it never reaches completion.

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