Going Global with Wisdom and Love

Posted on: Tuesday, March 10, 2015 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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There is strength in peace, in calmness, in love, but it goes unnoticed. What you cannot win with a stick, you can win with love. What you cannot win with guns, you can win through love. The most powerful thing in the world is love! We can win the hearts of people through love. The victory that comes out of ego is worth nothing. Even if you win in ego, it is a loss. Even if you lose in love, it’s a victory! Making people realise this innermost strength that we all have is the challenge!

You cannot talk about love when a terrorist is at your door, but is there some way in which we can transform the world? Is there any alternative that can bring sense to people who do not listen to anything other than force? We can start thinking along these lines only when we realise that there is enormous power in love and inner peace. When we are peaceful, we radiate that peace to the people around us and they also become calm.

In these times of war and disease in the world, it’s so important that we all meditate a little every day. When we meditate, we nullify negative vibrations, creating a more harmonious environment around us. Being peaceful in a meditative, prayerful state will help. Don’t think that you are insignificant when the world is in a problem. You too have a role to play. Every individual — everyone who is breathing, talking, walking, thinking — has an influence on this cosmos, on this planet. So we can all radiate peace, good thoughts, good vibrations and good wishes — and that will make a positive impact on the planet.

When there is a conflict and you interact with both the groups involved, they soften up. When communication breaks down, it causes turbulence, which in turn causes stiffness and rigidity. But it helps when you reestablish communication through love, peaceful means and patience.

To avoid fanaticism or religious terrorism in the world, it is absolutely essential to inculcate a multi-cultural, multi-religious education for children. It is because a child grows up thinking that other religions or cultures are bad, that he or she is ready to give up his or her life for that cause; but when a child grows up knowing a little bit about all other religions, cultures and customs then there is a sense of belonging with everybody.

When every child in the world learns a little bit about every other religion, he will not have inhibitions or hatred towards other religions or cultures.

We accept food and music from every part of the world. You don’t need to be Chinese in order to eat Chinese food! You don’t need to be an Italian to eat pizzas, nor a Dane to eat Danish cookies! One doesn’t have to be an Indian to listen to bhajans or sitar music!

We need to learn to accept knowledge from every part and this is what has been lacking in the world.

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