Be Like a Lotus Leaf

Posted on: Saturday, March 14, 2015 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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It is said that you should be like a lotus, do you know why? Although the lotus is in a muddy pond, not a drop of mud, not a pinch of mud sticks to the lotus leaf or to the flower. The lotus leaf is in the water, but if you put a drop of water on top of it, it stays like a gem, it does not stick to the leaf.

So, be in this world like a lotus leaf means, be here (in the world) but do not get stuck to anything. Do all the work, but do not get that into your head. Isn’t that beautiful? How many of you like this idea? This is the way to keep yourself sane. That is the advice that was given to us when we were kids; we have to be like a lotus leaf.

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