Friday, October 31, 2014

Why Attaining Spirituality is Necessary?

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It is because you want to be happy unconditionally; you want peace which does not get disturbed by small things. And this is quite natural.

Wanting spirituality is as natural as wanting deep rest, as wanting to be loved, as wanting comfort and happiness.

The definition of spirituality in Sanskrit is attaining greatest happiness, attaining greatest freedom (Nirvana) . It is natural. Like water flows down, and fire goes up, human beings want enlightenment.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

What is Liberation?

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Liberation means, that you have finally found rest (and this happens when you are finally free from all your desires and cravings).

When the feeling dawns from deep within, 'I am content, I do not want anything', and you have fulfilled all your duties and responsibilities, then you are liberated.

Liberation is freedom from desires; liberation is the total contentment that you get when you fulfill all that you had to.

Liberation is soaking oneself completely in devotion to the Divine. When this realization dawns on you, 'I am not the body, I am the eternal spirit. This body will perish but I will remain here forever', then that is liberation.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Material Comforts or Knowledge?

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When a person indulges in material comforts, his entire attention and brain function gets diverted to the posterior part of the brain. So when you are enjoying something, the posterior part of the brain is more active and engaged at that time. But when you are studying or listening to knowledge, then the frontal lobe of the brain becomes more active.

So for those who are running behind wealth and material comforts, all their brain activity and energy gets channeled to the posterior part of the brain. They keep looking here and there and their mind is always restless. They do not have focus. That is why knowledge eludes one who is running behind material comforts all the time.

A sincere student, whose mind is engaged in knowledge and studies all the time, will never run behind getting material comforts. All his focus would be directed towards gaining knowledge.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Reasons for Misery

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The first thing one must know is that there is misery in life. One should not deny this fact or be oblivious to it. One who denies that there is misery in life is foolish. First, know and accept that there is misery in life. Then do what is needed to overcome.

Why is this so? It is because there is always some cause or reason behind sorrow or misery. Misery cannot exist without a cause. What can be the cause of misery? There are four Eshnas (attachments) a person may have that can lead him to misery.

They are:
  1. Vitteshna (attachment to wealth and materialistic prosperity)
  2. Putreshna (attachment to one’s children and progeny)
  3. Jiveshna (attachment to one’s life and physical body), and
  4. Lokeshna (attachment to one’s reputation or fame).
What does the word ‘Eshna’ mean? It means craving or greed towards something.
For example, a person is feverish and greedy for money and prestige. When he does not receive either, then he becomes miserable. Similarly, the attachment one has towards one’s children and progeny is called Putreshna. Then, having a feverish desire to be famous in society is called Lokeshna. Jiveshna is the attachment and craving to live more and more (meaning to one’s life or the physical body).

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Learning About the Mind

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There are many situations or states of mind, but generally you can categorize them into three kinds:
  1. When there is craving or longing. Longing for worldly or spiritual experiences
  2. When there is dullness. There is neither longing nor there is any interest in anything. a sense of inertia in our mind. You just go on with inertia. This situation can set now and then in life
  3. When there is contentment, happiness and joy
The purpose of all this celebration is to move from inertia to joy, to move from longing to contentment. It’s so beautiful.

There are those who do not even look at their mind, they just keep working and working. Then there are others who keep looking at their own mind. Both are not good, take the middle path. Sometimes take a look at the mind, but not all the time. Do you see what I’m saying? Otherwise you will become self-centred, all the time thinking, 'What do I want?' Or 'I am feeling like this'.

Forget about how you feel, feelings keep changing. One minute it is good, next minute it is not good, so what! Move with valour and courage.

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