Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Everyone Loves You

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You should never doubt anyone’s love for you, take it for granted that everyone loves you, that’s it!

Sometimes some people don’t express love. Some may express every now and then, some others may express in another life time! Sometimes, someone who is rude and rough and does not behave nicely, they do have love for us, but they have reserved it for the future years or for future lifetimes. When you look at it from this perspective, then from your side you will feel secure, complete, accepted, and you will feel that oneness with this whole universe.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I Want Nothing

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There are two ways of looking at life:
  1. Either you take it as a burden and a drag and make your whole life a long drawn misery, or
  2. You take it with enthusiasm, thinking, 'I have all these responsibilities and challenges, and I can do it'. And you move on with celebration.
When you are tired that is when you feel that all this is too much for you to handle. When this happens, I would say, sit back and relax. Think that you have no responsibility whatsoever. Find the deepest of the rest within you, and then you will get the strength you need to move on. Just say one thing to yourself, 'I want nothing!' This wanting nothing gives you the deepest of the rests.

Rest is not just physically lying in bed, it is the mode of the mind which says, 'I am satisfied, I am content'. Its only contentment which can give you rest and this contentment is not going to come to you by doing something or by engaging in any activity. It will come to you only through knowledge. And the knowledge is:
  1. Everything is impermanent
  2. I am satisfied
  3. I want nothing
This is the essence of the knowledge.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

You Are the Queen of Flowers

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There are many flowers which are so fragrant, but do not have the texture or the beauty of a rose. There are some other flowers which look so beautiful but are not as fragrant as a rose. A rose has both beauty and fragrance and that’s why it is called the queen of flowers. You yourself are the queen of flowers, you yourself have beauty and fragrance.

This is what is expected of any beloved. They should not just look beautiful, they should exuberate fragrance. Some may have that fragrance, but if their actions are not what you perceive as an expression of what true love should be, then communicate that to them. Communication is very important.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Are you Soft or Forceful?

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Certain types of people are soft and their softness comes out of lack of courage and forcefulness. There is yet another type of softness in people and this softness comes out of maturity, magnanimity, and the knowledge of the Self.

The people who are soft out of lack of courage suffer a lot. And sometime or other they become volatile.

Similarly there are two types of forcefulness in people Ö aggression or assertiveness. Some people are forceful in an aggressive manner out of weakness, lack of strength, or out of fear. Others are forceful out of care and love, out of compassion.

Sri Sri: So look into yourself and become aware of what type of softness and what type of forcefulness you have.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Harmony and Happiness Through Music

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You know, music is a very important aspect of our lives. Before we start speaking we start singing. Young children learn a language much later but start making musical sounds early on in their lives. And those sounds are musical because there is total harmony – harmony within and harmony all around us.

Today, when the world is going through depression, terrorism, fear and uncertainty, it is time that we wake up and awaken the humaneness that is deeply embedded in each one of us. It is time for us to encourage our children to learn music and spend time in doing service to the society, and to develop a scientific temper while also pursuing spiritual and dharmic knowledge.

We have been doing this across the world through our events. We have always encouraged the preservation and promotion of the ancient culture and classical and folk music of the country. Today, this is the 11th big event that we are having where 5378 flutists are participating together to bring peace and happiness to all the people in the world.

Today, terrorism has become widespread in our country and also in the world at large. In such difficult times, people often ask, 'Gurudev, when there is so much tension in the world, why have you asked so many people to come together and play the flute?'

There is an ancient saying in Sanskrit, 'Kaavyashaastravinodena kaalo gachathi dhimataam; Vyasanena tu murkhanaam nidrayaa kalhena vaa' (from the Hitopadesha). It means that the sign of an intelligent person is that he spends his time in learning and mastering the arts, literature, and music, and in discussing knowledge. This has been the tradition in our country since many ages.

In our country, we always had a very holistic and total view of life and did not see it as divided into separate and unrelated compartments or phases. We have always combined Gaann(music), Jnana (knowledge) and Dhyaan (meditation). This is what it means to be truly Indian. Today, it is from India that the world expects and looks up to for a message of peace and prosperity. Only Indians can convey this unique message of love and peace to the world.

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