Friday, March 27, 2015

Signs of Intelligence

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One of the characteristics of intelligence is being alert. You can’t say that I am intelligent but I am a little sleepy. So intelligence means alertness. Are you all alert now?

When we are alert what happens ? Our perception and our observation improves, and our expression becomes perfect.
Many times people say, 'Oh, nobody understands me'. Instead they should say, 'I haven’t been able to express myself'. If you have the skill to express (that comes from intelligence) then there can be no misunderstanding. So perception, observation and expression, all these comes from being alert.

Now if you keep yourself very alert for a longer period of time, what happens? You get tired and feel exhausted. So, it’s not in the nature of our brain to be alert all the time. So what we need is relaxation. Often the type of relaxation we know is taking a pillow and going to sleep, that's it. Sleep is necessary, but there is another type of relaxation where you are alert and at the same time relaxed.

It's like Sushi, i.e., the rice wrapped in seaweed. The seaweed is cold but the rice is hot (when you wrap it). In the same way, you have alertness and relaxation, and that is meditation.

So we have counted three aspects to intelligence:
  1. Alertness
  2. Proper perception & observation
  3. Right expression
Efficiency and Creativity are another aspect of intelligence.

Another sign of intelligence is the ability to resolve conflict! Fools create conflicts in oneself and others. An intelligent person knows how to resolve conflicts in oneself and in the surrounding.

If someone is very creative but creates a lot of conflicts, you say, 'Oh my god, that's not intelligence', isn't it?

If you put an intelligent person between a conflict, will there be more conflict or will he reduce it? He will reduce or resolve it, isn't it! The tendency to bring harmony is a sign of intelligence. The ability to find a solution is sign of intelligence.

Another sign of intelligence is not getting stressed, and if you get stressed, to know how to get over stress. This is intelligence.

Intelligence is know how much to use our mind and our body, and not overusing it. If we overuse our mind and our body we get drained, exhausted and tired. Intelligence is walking the fine line of the middle path. That's what lord Buddha has said.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015


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Do you know, Buddha means the enlightened, and also the super intelligent.

Buddhi in Sanskrit means intelligence. Buddha is one who has a matured intellect, and science is all about intelligence. Logical understanding of 'what is' step by step, is science.
In the east and far east, we have always encouraged science. From centuries not even one scientist has been persecuted here. So encouraging logical understanding, and experimenting is what science is. And science and spirituality are never in conflict with each other, they always complement each other.
'What is this?' is science, and 'Who am I' is spirituality. Analyzing the object is science, and analyzing the subject is spirituality. And the study of object and subject is never contradictory. At least not in the east.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Purpose of Knowledge

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Knowledge is like a detergent, it is there to purify you. After applying it, you must also wash it off. You do not say, 'I have bought an expensive soap which I have applied to my skin and I am not going to wash it off'. You do not keep expensive toothpaste in your mouth the whole time. Right?

So, the purpose of knowledge is to get rid of ignorance. It is like detergent. You have to wash it off too. Then you become hollow and empty. Then you become Nirankaar – it means you become lighter. Otherwise the burden of knowledge can bog you down.

With knowledge you become more simple and natural. The purpose of knowledge is not to make you arrogant, but to make you more humble. It is to make you lighter, instead of thinking 'I know it all'.
The purpose of knowledge is to lead you from a frustrated 'I don’t know', to a simple and innocent 'I don’t know'. It is to take you from an ugly 'I don’t know', to a beautiful 'I don’t know'.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Shraddha (Faith or Devotion)

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Shraddha means loving the unknown. You know, you either love or do not love that which you already know about. Right? But if there is something you do not know, then you do not hate it, and you also have a choice to love it or not. Loving something which you have no idea about is called shraddha.

Shraddha brings you knowledge. It is very subtle. You have to catch this else it slips from your understanding. There is something that is unknown, and you love it. Andbecause of your love, you slowly start knowing it. Do you see what I am saying? Let us take a small example. Say there is some small ceremony or ritual being done, like how in the morning today we had the Rudrabhishekam. You do not know what it is, some mantras are being chanted and there is a Yajna happening, yet you simply love it and sit for it. Then you feel something, you experience certain vibrations arising during the pooja. How many of you have experienced this? (Many in the audience raise their hands) Similarly, you do not know what meditation is, but you start liking it and do it, and then you start knowing it. You feel, 'Oh wow, meditation is so good'.

So shraddha gives you more understanding, and more knowledge. If there is a resistance in you, then that is a lack of shraddha. It means that even before knowing something, you have a resistance to it. It is like putting a wall, thinking, 'I shall sit separately. I do not want to know this'. Then you cannot know it at all. When you say, 'I do not like it', then you also cannot know it. But when you think, 'Oh! There is something new, I love this', then loving the unknown is what is called shraddha.It is not even important that you understand it totally, yet its benefits surely come to you.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Total Acceptance

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In life we see all types of people – some are completely foolish, some are very wise. We see a wide range of behavior patterns, tendencies and emotions. Everything ultimately is a part of the Universal Spirit, a part of the One Reality. So just accept and take everything along. That is the message of Shivaratri. Do not get stuck anywhere, just keep moving ahead in life with this total acceptance – of oneself and of one’s surroundings.

Many times we become choosy of what we accept. Sometimes we accept the situation but we do not accept ourselves. Or we accept ourselves the way we are but we do not accept the other people around us. Neither of these alone can lead you to a sense of completion or fullness. You have to look into both (acceptance towards oneself and acceptance towards the situation) – that is, you should accept whatever is inside and whatever is outside. So just let things be. This is the way to go inward.

What stops you from experiencing that deep inner peace or silence? Our mind thinking that 'This should be like this' or 'This is not how it should be'.
Or we think that 'People should be like this and not like that', etc. That is what blocks our mind from settling in silence. When you keep thinking in this manner, your mind is still at the periphery, and this keeps you from retrieving the mind to the center. For the mind to be able to go to its source, the mantra is let it be!

Then you are able to go to the center. Once you are at the center, then whatever sankalpa you take starts to manifest, and things start happening.

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