Saturday, April 25, 2015

Life Is a Game

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Take life as a sport. Life is a struggle when you have no knowledge. With knowledge, the same life which you considered as a struggle turns out into a sport. In sports, you are happy, whatever the outcome. When you feel that the journey itself is a struggle, then nothing is satisfactory, even victory is as disastrous as failure. But when you see the journey as a path, as singing and dancing, the approach lightens up.

When people are joyful, they sing and dance, and keep going round and round, simply. There is no purpose in going all around a place. When you are walking straight, you have a purpose or a goal that you want to reach. But when you are going around, it is a game. Like horse racing being done within a track, it is just a game. A racing horse is not supposed to reach somewhere. Similarly all the planets are going round and round. They are giving you the message: it is a game.

The ancient Rishis called life a Leela. Leela means a game, or fun. They never saw it as Sri Rama’s Sangharsh or struggle. They said Ram Leela. When life is like a game, the whole thing, the whole approach lightens up in both senses; you feel light and it lightens you up as well.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Is the Theory of Evolution Correct?

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Actually the whole world is just appearance. It appears to be so. You should read Yoga Vashishtha. You will get more idea about it.

When you keep a spoon inside the water, half of the spoon appears to be bent. If you ask me when did the spoon bend, what do I say? It didn’t bend, it appears so. When does it start to appear like that? It appears like that anytime!

Similarly, this idea of something got created at one point of time itself is erroneous, because the whole Universe is an appearance in Consciousness. When did the mirage get created? What do you say? It never got created, it appears to be like that!

Like a tennis ball for example. Where is the beginning of a tennis ball? It never begins in the first place. Can a ball begin somewhere or end somewhere? Every point is the beginning and every point is an end. That’s why this Universe is called ‘Anaadi’ (beginningless) and ‘Ananta’ (endless).

Usually our thinking is linear - everything should begin and everything should end somewhere. But when you go into higher knowledge, it is about appearance rather than beginning or ending. This is the beauty of Vedanta philosophy, this is how it is different from all other theories that we think of the world.

See if you go to Hawaii which is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, miles and miles all around there is nothing. Now if someone starts researching - how did a coconut plant come there? Someone will say, ‘Oh from Malaysia, maybe a coconut fell in the water, it travelled all the way to the Hawaiian Island and then it became a tree’. There is no proof for this, but yes, all the fauna and flora are present in Hawaiian Islands. There are many trees, and people were also there.

So, to me it seems very absurd when people say that the first human being was born in Africa and then he travelled to Constantinople, and from there Aryans came and invaded India, and so on. All these theories are rubbish because we want to see one point from where the tennis ball began.

If you see from a quantum physicist’s or from a real rational scientific view point, you will find that in the whole creation things have happened in many places simultaneously. Nature can make a coconut plant grow in Kerala and in Hawaii at the same time! It doesn’t have to export a coconut from Kerala all the way to Hawaii or vice-versa!

Now they have found that there is water on the surface of Moon and Mars. Somebody will come up with a theory that at some point of time the Moon became a part of the Earth and then water from came there, because we try to think linear. We have to think spherical, then things will make much more sense.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Universal Love

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From birth we have known love to be directed from a person. Love gets personalized from birth. A child opens the eyes and looks at the mother and starts feeling that love.Association kindles the feeling of love inside of you. But when it matures you start understanding love is not just an emotion, it is your very existence.

Love directed towards an individual is one aspect of universal love. First a person stimulates the love inside of you, then when you go deep in meditation you will find that love doesn't need any stimuli from outside, it is already existing everywhere.

Actually we are floating in an ocean of love. It is like when you are in a bath tub, you feel the heat or cold as you get into it the tub. But after a while you get used to it, and you don’t feel it anymore. Same way when you get into a hot pool, for the first few moments, you feel the heat. Then you don’t feel the heat, you get used to it.

In the same way, the personalized love in the beginning kindles that. Once it is there it assumes the universal form. So you may not feel it but still it will be there. Individuals remind you that there is love in the universe, and you are love.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Intention, Attention and Manifestation

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When you have an intention and you put your attention on it, then manifestation happens. Anything that you want to do happens only through intention. Even to come here, you intended that you want to go to ashram. So, that very intention took your body to get into the car and drive through all the traffic and you landed here. So first intention, then attention and then manifestation follows.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Handling Teenagers

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There is an old Sanskrit proverb which says, ‘Praptetu shodase varshe, putram mitra vada chareth’. If your son or daughter becomes 16 years you should no longer be their parents, but you should become their friend. You should befriend them and understand their mindset and their difficulties.

Transformation can only happen through understanding and not by imposing. You cannot impose your ideas on your children, or for that matter on anybody. All that you can do is place your ideas before them.
If they are doing something wrong, you should make them aware of the ill effects of it. If someone is getting into drugs, take them to drug rehabilitation centers and show them how (drug addicts) are suffering there. Ask them, ‘See where they have landed. Do you want to be like them?’ This is what we need to ask them.

Transformation can happen only through education, and education can only happen if you have accepted people and understood their position and predicament and create a space for them to grow.

You have to create the much needed space for someone to grow and you should persuade them and not impose your ideas on them.
Just look back and remember when you were a teenager. When your parents used to force some ideas on you, did you like it? No, right? From generation to generation there is a certain gap that comes whether you like it or you don’t. It happens. The skill is to bridge the generation gap. This is the first step.The second step is to bridge the gap between cultures.

In India, the culture changes with every 200 miles. It is the same even in Europe. We need to think about how we can bridge these cultural differences and religious differences. I tell you, it is very simple to do. You just need to have purity in the heart and a sense of belongingness with everybody. Whether the other feels that way or not is none of our business.

The path of spirituality is when you feel no one is a foreigner and everybody is belongs to you in spite of what they are and how they are.

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