Thursday, November 20, 2014

What is Meant by God?

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If you ask me, 'Are you God?' I would say, 'Yes'. I would say, 'You too are God'.

What is meant by God? God is not somebody sitting up in heaven, love is God. What did Jesus say? Love is God. Are you not love? Am I not love? The whole universe is made up of a vibration called love and that is what I am and that is what you are.

So in India we say, mother is the first God, and you must see God in your mother, father, teacher and also in a guest. You must treat your guests as God, because you don’t know in what form God will come to your door step. So don’t see God as some separate entity sitting somewhere in heaven trying to give you a little finger, which if you try to catch, he goes further away. This concept of God has given rise to communism and atheism in the world. If you understand God as energy, as love, as a presence, as a being, as sum of the whole creation, then there can be no atheist left on this planet. This is a scientific way of seeing what God is.

God is Love, can anyone deny love from existence? Can someone say love doesn’t exist? If they do, they are blind. They don’t know.
So first you should know what God is. God is not a person with too many legs and too many hands sitting up in heaven. A man with a long beard, no. The concept of God is what has created lots of problems in the world and divided people into religions and sects.

We should always think scientifically. If you see scientifically, we are all made up of one thing and that is God. That’s why the ancient people all over the world including Canada always felt that God is in the mountains, trees, rivers. The native people of this country believed that God is present in nature, in the directions, in mountains and rivers, and they are right.

The ancient Vedic system also says that God is present in the creation, just like how oil is present in the sesame seed. So see God everywhere. If you see God within oneself, you will see God everywhere.
A Guru is one who helps you find God in yourself and in everyone.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Is Channeling Advisable?

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Stay away from it! I think you shouldn't get involved in channeling. You are on a path which is much higher and far superior than the channeling. Channeling is when some spirit comes into your body or somebody's body and says something, and it is never 100% true. There could be some truth in it, that will give you a little idea of what is going to happen in couple of months, or a couple of years, or what happened in the past. They can give you a little insight, but you should not be dependent on such things.

Often, people who channel, they channel the lower spirits. It's almost like the Plan-Chit(Ouija board). People call John F Kennedy to come and answer their questions. These things are not good for your own energy. I have seen people who do these things and their energy gets so drained. People who do crystal gazing and all these techniques are ill most of the time. How many of you have noticed this? So it is not advisable to take the help of these people.

Once in a while if you want to do it, you can do it, maybe just for fun, but don't take it too serious. And you should not do channeling. I won't agree! I think you know that people can get stuck in the channeling. That's a very unpleasant place to be in, if you are stuck with the departed. Then you won't find liberation. Such instances have happened.

I want to tell you one incident. A young lady from France had come to India. She was a very good seeker, she did her spiritual practices every day and she was very bright. She went to a person who did channeling and as the person was channeling he said, 'I see someone with a white dress behind you protecting you, so I cannot predict anything for you'.

So she thought, 'Okay, this must be because I am an Art of Living teacher, which is why this person is unable to tell me anything'. So she just dropped Art of Living and she went into channeling. She got married, and had two kids. Her husband was a drug addict and so she too got into drugs and I tell you, her whole life became a big mess, and she became so miserable. There was nobody to feed her, or to take care of her. Then some of the Art of Living people went helped her out of that. After five to six years she came to the German Ashram (Art of Living European International Center, Bad Antogast, Germany) and I looked at her and my God she was completely in a mess.

When channeling many of the lower spirits can try to detract you from your path of joy, wisdom and knowledge. So it is best to keep them at an arm's length.

Sometimes, when you go to someone who does channeling, they may say, 'Oh, I see some big saint coming'. But, only if the person is completely hollow and empty then they can become a channel for a pure life, but often people are not. They say all these thing during channeling for money, or for maybe for some other motive. So, as I said, you don't need to be afraid of it but at the same time, no point in getting into this spirit world.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Overcoming Sexual Desires

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Through higher fulfillment. It’s like, kids crave for cotton candy and chocolate, but when they grow up they automatically they have no such cravings. It just drops off. Similarly, pranayamas and a higher goal in life will help. When you have a lot of work to do, sex is not a botheration at the time.
Just ask any student, during exam time are they bombarded with thoughts of sex? They’ll say no. For that whole month when they have to achieve something, their mind is fully focused on it. Not once the thought comes during exam time. They have a bundle of books to read and to prepare. So engaging yourself in some creative activity is helpful.

Pleasure always makes you run towards it first and then later on makes you run away from it. This is its nature. First you crave for it and you go towards it and then later on, you go away from it because it becomes too much to handle. Yoga is that which makes you centered, it stabilizes you. When you are stable and centered, if pleasure is there, you enjoy it, if it’s not there, you don’t mind it, it’s not occupying your mind. It’s not a craving that bothers you.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Dealing with Insecurity

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Insecurity of what? 'Oh, there is nobody for me. Who will take care of me?' I tell you, there is so much love and compassion on this planet, and there is a higher power which is all love and it will give us what we need when we need.

If you look at your own life, in the past, how many times have you felt insecure? See how that time has passed and how complete you are today. If you turn back and see, then all those moments you have spent feeling insecure, appears to be such a waste of time, isn't it? Count and see how much time you have spent being insecure in the past 20 years. How many times you felt insecure? How many days you spent in a gloomy mood? It looks like such a waste of time and energy, and not only that, it created toxins in your body. Your health gets disturbed by a feeling of insecurity.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Three Things You Must Do

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  1. Look back in the past and see that it was futile feeling insecure. This gives you strength.
  2. Know that there are good people on this planet. They will always come to your help.
  3. There is a power which is going to guide you and help you out.
So with this wisdom and understanding, get over insecurity.

Shakti Kriya with Sri Sri in Boone, NC

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