We Need to Make the Blood Alkaline

Posted on: Monday, July 27, 2015 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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See, the kind of food that we eat in India is acidic in nature. Eating acidic food causes joint pain, lethargy and diseases in our body. So what should we do about this? We need to make the blood alkaline to balance this. So I would suggest you to drink alkaline water. Do this and see how it brings a change in your health.

All vegetables are alkaline, while fruits are mainly acidic. Spices, rice and even milk is acidic. So you need to change this. Two to three hours after your meals, you should drink some alkaline water. Do not drink it immediately before or after your food, as the food will not get digested properly.

How can you make water alkaline? Take one litre of water, put four cut pieces of cucumber and two small pieces of lemon in it. Keep this overnight and the water becomes alkaline. Drink a glass of this alkaline water two to three hours after your food. Or if you have already drunk some alkaline water, then you should leave a gap of at least one to two hours before you have eat your meals. Try this and see how the pH of your blood becomes better.

Reduce the quantity of grains and cereals in your meals. Food should get well digested. We eat so much and then it does not get digested well, because of which you experience cramps and aches in the body. So once every few days, do not have any grains or cereals in your meals at all, just have raw or boiled vegetables.

We have a tradition in our country that on the days of Ekadashi, we fast and do not take any grains. Why is this so? For 15 days we consume all sorts of grains and rice, and that creates acidity in the body. By fasting and avoiding grains completely for one day, that phenomenon (of acidity) gets reversed.

Nowadays we have left that tradition, or sometimes we do not get time to follow it properly. So, every two to three months, for a few days, you should only have boiled vegetables with a little salt, and no grains at all. Do this and see what good change you experience in your health.

We often boil vegetables too much, and drain away all the water in which the vegetables have been boiled. When we do this, all the nutrients are lost and we eat only the remaining portion, which is not very nutritious. You should not boil them too much, except potatoes.

Eating potatoes raw is no good. Usually in India, people often have tomatoes, potatoes and brinjals, and eat less of green vegetables. We should consume more of green vegetables.

You should also have the Oorja tablets from our Sri Sri Ayurveda. It helps to complete all the deficiencies in our diet.

Do you know, drumsticks are so rich in vitamins and minerals. It is said that the leaves of the drumstick tree have nutrition equal to 10 bananas and 20 oranges. Our body should get balanced and nutritious food.

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Letting Go!

Posted on: Sunday, July 26, 2015 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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Every time you breathe in, you have to breathe out. Without breathing out, you cannot breathe in.

You are able to indulge in anything because you leave it for short intervals in between. Is someone able to eat continuously without stopping? No. You eat and then you stop. The same is for any experience that you gain from the five senses. Can you keep on listening to music without any break? No. You listen to music for a while and then you want to shut it off. You cannot eat 24 hours a day, or listen to music 24 hours a day, or smell something 24 hours a day. In the earlier times fragrances were very popular with people. Nowadays, you are getting fragrance free soap. You are getting everything free of fragrances.

All the experience you gain from your five senses, including the thoughts that come out of your intellect cannot be carried on continuously.

Let us say that you have 20 questions. You ask one question after another, but after that what? Suppose you have learned everything, you have received the answer to all your questions, then what next? Just to satisfy this little intellect, we want an answer to calm it down.

The element that is beyond the intellect is within you. Every answer has just one objective, to make you silent. Every question has just one objective, to dive within. If diving within is all that you want to achieve, then what is the purpose of asking so many questions. What will you achieve after asking all these questions and listening to all the answers? Just relax.

Somehow you have to let go of all the things you have learnt. There is a saying in South India, “Unless you forgot what you have learnt, you will not achieve liberation”. All the things you learn — music, Ayurveda, chemistry or physics, you have to forget it. Unless you forget it, there is no liberation.

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Is Art of Living a Sect?

Posted on: Saturday, July 25, 2015 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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You have said sect. You should define what a sect is. Sect is perhaps a very closed mindset where you feel you are special and the other person is excluded. And this is true with every religion. People of every religion on this planet feel a special right for themselves. The Hindus think that they are special. Jains think they are special. Muslims think they are special. The Christians or the Jews think they are special. Everyone thinks that they are special. That becomes a sect. But when one says that 'The whole world is my family and everyone is part of me' then how can you even call it a sect. Art of Living breaks all barriers of caste, creed, religion and nationality. Don’t you think so?

But if people insist that we are a sect, then it is okay. We are a sect of happy people. There are only two sects in the world. One is the sect of happy people and the other is the sect of unhappy people. There are people who are angry, upset, frustrated, irritated and unhappy, and there are people who are happy, content, compassionate and loving. You can choose to be a part of whichever you want — the stress free sect or the stressed sect.

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