Handling Thoughts and Emotions

Posted on: Monday, June 13, 2016 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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I find that thought is only the gate keeper of the house. Emotion is a little more powerful than thought. You may think, ‘I am happy’, or you may put all your attention towards that thought, but when emotions come, that is it, they just barge in with such force, that all the thought process that you kept with yourself, just disappears.

You know, you will find your emotions are much more powerful than thought. Situations overpower you; though you try to say, ‘I want to be happy’, or, ‘I am happy’, suddenly a bolt of emotions comes, or energy comes and then all these thoughts disappear.

So we need to work on several layers of our life. The first is the environment, then the body, the breath – breath is the link between the mind and the body. Then the mind; thoughts. Then emotions, which are subtler and more powerful that the mind. And then beyond that, the energy field, which is the positivity, the radiance, the soul or spirit that you are, that comes into play.

And all these techniques of meditation, contemplative prayer as in the Christian tradition, or Buddhist Zen meditation, all this is to transcend the thought and reach to that level from where everything runs. And that is like attending to the house owner. Once the house owner is attended to then the guard will listen to what the owner says.

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Eight Type of Purifications

Posted on: Sunday, June 12, 2016 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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First, anna shuddhi, purification of grains. Good food, nutritious food, and the right amount of food is important.

Second, everyday a little bit of proper exercise is important. Even though you may have a car or a motor bike, sometime during the day, you should walk as well. Every day, at least for 20 minutes start walking, or doing some physical exercise.

Third, vaakya shuddhi, purification of speech. This is very important. All of you must see that the words that you use do not hurt other people. If you have said something that hurts somebody, and if they are crying, then it is going to affect you somewhere.

Fourth, karma shuddhi. We must do seva. With service, our actions are purified.

Fifth, dhan shuddhi, i.e., purification of wealth. We should keep aside at least three per cent of whatever we earn, and use it for the society. Then the money that we earn will become purified. If we use whatever we earn for our self only, then that is not the best utilization of money. So, we must use a little portion of our earnings for the society.

Sixth, shareer shuddhi, i.e., purification of the body. Once in a week or a fortnight, take some Triphala, or some ayurvedic products to cleanse your body.

Seventh, bhaava shudhhi, i.e., purification of feelings. Do some satsang for some time; it is necessary as it purifies the feelings.

Eighth, buddhi shuddhi is purification of the intellect. With knowledge the intellect is purified. A pure intellect comes when you look at life from a broader perspective. Who am I? What is this universe? Where am I going?

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Why Do You Worry?

Posted on: Saturday, June 11, 2016 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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What happens when you sit? All these unwanted things come in the mind, like a bubble. You are inside a bubble, where you are planning, you have thoughts for the future, you have some cravings, or you are regretting the past. Past experiences come to the mind as images. How to handle this? First, viveka (discrimination). Viveka is remembering that all this is not permanent; everything is temporary. When you are not going to be here, what about your boyfriend, girlfriend, prestige, honor, money, and all these things? We will die one day and leave all this. None of this is permanent; everything is temporary. When this realization strikes a deep cord within, then the mind becomes a witness. Why am I worrying? It is stupid of me to just go around in the mind! That is viveka. Second is vairagya (dispassion). Say ‘So what’, again and again, ‘So what. Okay this is like that, so what?’ Vairagya brings you freedom; it makes you subtle, it makes you free from within. Viveka is that which makes you understand, makes you larger, makes you understand something bigger, and not get caught up in small mind games.

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