Saturday, December 20, 2014

Wealth is Not Just About Being Rich

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One of the greatest illusions created in the world is wealth. There is so much disparity in the world. There is no reason why someone is begging for a piece of bread and another is wasting food. However, there are seven types of wealth:
  1. Comfort in material wealth
    The first type of wealth is what we commonly understand as material wealth. Just being born in Ford’s home, somebody acquired all that wealth without any effort. Why does this happen when somebody else had to toil all his life to make money?
  2. Health equals wealth
    Just having money is not sufficient. Some people may have a lot of money but they cannot eat well. They are suffering from many diseases — that wealth is nothing. Some people do not have money, but they have enough to eat and are healthy.
  3. Courage to become wealthy
    One must see life as a game and should play without worrying about the outcome. But if one is afraid of making mistakes then one lacks the wealth of courage. And without that there is no fun in life even if the person has a lot of money. Someone may not have any money, but if they possess courage, they reflect wealth.
  4. The friendly wealth
    The fifth type of wealth is friendliness. You may have the other types of wealth, but still feel no sense of belonging.That is what happens at most parties — rich people go to a party to show off their wealth, but feel out of place. Parties are like competition grounds or battlefields; everyone is carrying a shield. That is no wealth at all.
  5. Need skill to be wealthy
    Another wealth is having different skills and talents. Some people write well, some good at debating, some have a knack for music, some cook well, some are good in administration, and so on. Some, put their maximum efforts to achieve what they want, yet they fail. Effort is not enough to achieve one’s goal.
  6. Be dignified, be wealthy
    The world is full of lessons if only we observe it. Be as humble as the grass. Then nothing can touch you. No one can humiliate you. Always, walk like a king and be a perfect servant!
  7. Memories are also wealth
    Our memory only develops when we are three or four years and we start understanding things. The moment we become aware of our source of memory, and our infinite past, our whole life changes. It’s just like someone suddenly realises how wealthy he or she is. Immediately your style of walking changes. This is the awareness of the source.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

The Real Glory

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It is often believed that glory and dispassion are contradictory and cannot co-exist. Glory and luxury without dispassion is a nauseating pomp and show. Such glory does not bring fulfillment for anyone. It is shallow. Alternately, the dispassion that is afraid of glory is weak. True dispassion is oblivious to glory.

The glory that comes with dispassion is something that is true, that is permanent and authentic. When someone runs after glory they are shallow. Like movie stars, politicians and religious leaders who try to hold on to their status, to their glory, they are certain to lose. If you run after glory all you get is misery. When you are dispassionate, glory comes to you. If you are afraid of glory, that means you are not well-founded in dispassion. In India, the Sadhus run away from glory. They think they will lose their dispassion and get trapped in the web of the world, the circus. The dispassion is so blissful, they get attached to the dispassion.

They are afraid of losing the dispassion, the centeredness and bliss that comes along with it. This is weak dispassion. Dispassion is a state of being and glory is the happening around it. True dispassion can never be lost or overshadowed by glory. True dispassion is glorious! Real glory is true dispassion!

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

False Security

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False securities do not allow your faith to grow. When you have dropped your securities, then your faith grows. When you buffer your life with securities, you keep the faith away. It is the faith that brings perfection in you. Faith is the greatest security.

If you have all the material securities and not have faith, you will still reel in fear. You have to let go of all possessions in the mind. False security is keeping things where they don't belong. It is an illusion of security because of having a job, a house, friends. Keep the house where it belongs, not in the mind. Keep the money in the bank or in the pocket, not in the mind. Keep friends and family where they belong, not in the mind.

The Divine is your only security. Faith is realizing that you always get what you need. Faith is giving the Divine a chance to act. Your body belongs to the world. Your spirit belongs to the Divine.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ride on The Divine Power

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There is so much talk about success. Have you ever thought what success is? Success is simply ignorance about one's own capabilities. Success is ignorance about the power of the self. We assume that we are capable of doing very little. If there are obstacles, we become clear about our objective. With a calm and serene mind, think of all possibilities. Know that failures are stepping stones for greater success. Actually, there are no failures in life. All the seeming failures are only stepping stones for greater success. If you feel the obstacle is too much, deep prayer can work miracles.

The feeling that "I am blessed" can help you overcome any failure. Once you realize that you are blessed, then all the complaints disappear, all the grumbling disappears, all the insecurities disappear, a sense of not being loved disappears, wanting love disappears. Ego is always ambitious and wants to do tough jobs like climbing Mount Everest.

Whereas in a simple act like watching a butterfly, watering the garden, watching the birds or the sky, can bring deep relaxation, and relaxation connects you with your source. Seemingly trivial actions open a new dimension and bring in immense peace and rest. Just come out of your little shell and feel free.

There is a saying: Behind every successful man is a woman. I will modify this: Behind every success there is the Divine saying "I am behind you".

Prayer is a vital tool to improve your life. It also nurtures values like integrity and honesty. Prayer happens in two situations, or in a combination of situations. When you feel grateful or when you feel utterly helpless. If you are not grateful and prayerful, you will be miserable. In either case your prayers will be answered.

What you can do, you do. What you cannot do, you pray for! It is said that the divine dawns in you when you pray for it, when you cry for it, when you sing for it. The divine is only waiting for you to dig a little deeper into yourself. Because, it can then fill you with much more nectar! Divine wants you to create more space in you.

Cry from your soul for help. This is for those seekers who are weak. Those seekers who are strong-with the power of knowledge-can sing with that joy of what they have achieved! The moment you sing in gratitude, in glory of the divine, it immediately dawns in you, and fills you up again. One type of people is grateful for all their growth. The other type is helpless and weak. Both will be helped.

Spirituality is not some ritual, or an act. It's a very pleasant, uplifted state of being and being able to see that the whole world is all spirit or consciousness. Use prayer to bring integration in your personality. Whatever you do, know that the higher power has the final say and it will always be for the best.

The higher goals in life can only be realized through a few minutes of meditation and introspection. Any joy you experience in life is from the depth of your self, when you let go all that you hold on to and settle down being centered in that space. That is called meditation. Actually, meditation is not an act; it is the art of doing nothing! The rest in meditation is deeper than the deepest sleep that you can ever have because in meditation you transcend all desires.

Meditation is letting go of anger from the past and all the planning for the future. Meditation is accepting this moment and living every moment totally with depth. Just this understanding, and a few days of continuous practice of meditation can change the quality of our life.

Meditations is the Art of Doing Nothing

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Meditation Connects You With the Universal Spirit

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What is the use of meditation for young people? This is a question many ask. Do you want to develop in to an all round personality? Then meditation is a must to be happy, healthy, compassionate, humorous, and loveable. All these human qualities blossom through meditation. Ok meditation has got 3 rules. The first rule is:
  1. I don't want anything. How is it possible when I want better job, grades in school, family and prosperity? Only for next 10 minutes say “I want nothing”.
    Can you say that? Remove your wants like a cap & keep it on the side. Just for 10 minutes.
  2. I do nothing. When a scholar came to Lord Buddha, HE said just relax, become hollow & empty.
    I do nothing for next 10 minutes. I don’t concentrate on anything, don’t focus mind on any thoughts: good thoughts, bad thoughts let them come & pass. I do nothing. Neither I welcome thoughts nor do I resist thoughts.
  3. I am nothing. For next few minutes, put off the label of being student, corporate, male, female, anything. See that is it. Meditation means you do not feel the time. You get connected with Universal Spirit.
When done in a group, it is very good. Do it in a group SANGHA. Especially after your school prayers in the morning, just sit for some time with closed eyes and meditate.
Meditation can improve our ability. I feel happy to be with you. Become Talented and Compassionate world citizens. Learn good things from every part of the world.

Meditations is the Art of Doing Nothing

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